Assessment only

Assessment only process

Modules: All modules
Delivery Mode: Assessment only
Module Fee: $400
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What is the assessment only process:

Some medical professionals may have already completed a course similar to one of the modules part of the NSW Workers compensations Permanent Impairment Assessment training in recent years and do not require to sit the face to face sessions or to attend the webinars.

These medical professional can complete a specific module of our course simply by competing a competency based assessment. 


Medical professionals eligible for Assessment Only:

The assessment only courses apply to the following two cohorts:

  1. Medical practitioners who have undertaken training in the evaluation of permanent impairment in Queensland in 2016 based on the template national guideline.
  2. Medical practitioners who have undertaken training in South Australia prior to July 2015 in the Guidelines for the evaluation of permanent impairment based on the NSW Guidelines 3rd edition (not including Spine, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity and Digestive systems)


Please note: as part of the registration process, Doctors will be required to upload a certificate of completion or other relevant document showing you meet the eligibility criteria listed above.


The process:

After registration is completed, you will receive three case studies you will need co complete and return to us for assessment. The case studies will be reviewed by a qualified Permanent Impairment assessor. If your answers are deemed satisfactory, you will receive a certificate for the module(s) you have completed. If your answers are not fully satisfactory, you will be sent another case study to to be completed and submitted.


Modules eligible for assessment only process:

All modules are eligible for assessment only. Please select the module you intend to apply for at time of registration.